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UFAB har lång erfarenhet som systemleverantör och kontraktstillverkare inom utveckling, konstruktion, svets, bearbetning och montage.
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The hidden experts of UFAB The hidden experts of UFAB Assembly by experts for well-known brands all over the world.

"Most people who buy a BMW X3 have no idea that it is not built by the company itself," explains Axel Herz, sales manager at UFAB. The 360 000 SEK sports car is actually assembled by Magna Steyr Read more

Where dreams - become reality Where dreams become reality Always improve.

With over 45 years of experience, UFAB has developed into one of the country's leading system suppliers and contract manufacturers of advanced components and complete machine systems. Read more

When advanced becomes easy welcome to the world of UFAB. When advanced becomes easy – welcome to the world of UFAB. UFAB in Uddevalla is a company with competence, capacity and long experience.

On an 8000 m2 assembly area in Uddevalla you will find what is now called UFAB. This is where the Mattsson Group-owned company has been housed since 1967 and is now the second home for some 70 proud professional men and women. Read more

Industry Hardback
Industry Hardback
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