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When advanced becomes easy welcome to the world of UFAB.

To be honest, it took me a while to understand what UFAB actually does. “We love it when the chipboard stands like a broom!” UFAB’s sales manager Axel Herz said enthusiastically when we met at Google Meet one afternoon in May. “What did he just say?” I thought, confused. Without understanding the meaning, I understood that there was a huge enthusiasm and passion at UFAB and I was immediately curious to know more.

Competence & Quality – UFAB

On an 8000 m2 assembly area in Uddevalla you will find what is now called UFAB. This is where the Mattsson Group-owned company has been housed since 1967 and is now the second home for some 70 proud professional men and women. The assembly technicians take on assignments from idea to product development, series production and assembly, as well as service, renovation and installation.

“With us, you always meet the same team,” says Axel, referring to the fact that the same people develop, produce and finally install. This allows UFAB to maintain a high level of technical expertise and ensure quality work beyond the ordinary.

“Knowing that the production lines are intact adds another dimension of security for our customers”

Axel continues
A solid and updated machine park that delivers.

External production facility

UFAB’s broad expertise includes surface treatment such as pickling, anodising, electropolishing as well as wet painting, non-stick PFTE/Teflon treatment and vulcanisation.  They perform licensed welding in both stainless and alloy materials. Heat treatment is done in their own furnaces with temperatures up to 800°. I realize the list of their expertise could be long, but the sharpest ace in UFAB’s coat-tails is something they call “Complete Assembly”. This means that UFAB takes over the entire production process – from drawing to industrialization.

“You could say that UFAB becomes an external production facility where you get access to a lot of skills and capacity, without having to invest yourself”,

Axel explains, and I slowly begin to understand the extent of their enormous capacity.

Then we come to the people. In addition to all this extensive expertise, UFAB employees are skilled and passionate product developers. UFAB’s brand promise “Always Improve” is deeply embedded in everything they do. They approach every assignment, large or small, with the desire and ambition to always improve, innovate and refine.

Good partnerships increase capacity

With its own factories in Sweden and China, UFAB offers fast and quality-assured subcontracting of components. “Whether you are looking for single components, complete kits, partial assembly, complete assembly or service, UFAB can help,” says Axel. “Our many milling machines, boring mills, carousel lathes and sliding headstock lathes create lots of possibilities for you as a customer.” UFAB also has its own measuring machines and measuring tools for measuring the finished product and the possibility of in-process measurement where necessary, something that again saves time and resources for you as a customer.

“Whether you are looking for single components, complete kits, partial assembly, complete assembly or service, UFAB can help”

Says Axel Herz, Sales Director

In addition to their own factories, UFAB also has good partnerships with foundries in Europe and Asia. Thus, UFAB can offer complete commitments for the supply of machined castings, the production of casting tools, prototypes and serial production. Services that are generally difficult to obtain in Sweden.

Although I still don’t understand some parts of UFAB, I understand that nothing is impossible for them. “We love challenges and for us most things are pretty obvious,” Axel says with a smile. They’ve simply made advanced simple, I think, and almost understand the enthusiasm for chipboard. Almost.

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