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The hidden experts of UFAB

“Most people who buy a BMW X3 have no idea that it is not built by the company itself,” explains Axel Herz, sales manager at UFAB. The $360,000 sports car is actually assembled by Magna Steyr, a contract manufacturer that builds cars for several other automakers, including Daimler Chrysler (Auburn Hills, MI) and General Motors Corp. In 2005, the company assembled more than 100,000 X3s for BMW.

“Most people who buy a BMW X3 have no idea that it is not built by the company itself”

Similarly, UFAB is a systems provider and contract manufacturer delivering world-class solutions to everything from start-ups to global corporations. Their brand promise “always improve” is the company’s guiding principle and part of the DNA of the business. For its 70 employees, no idea is impossible to industrialize. “Sometimes we need to find alternative solutions, but there is always a solution,” explains Axel Herz. “Like Magna Steyr, we love challenges and are specialists in advanced assembly.”

Complete production leaves time for other things

Through efficient operations combined with world-class global sourcing, UFAB offers cost-effective production solutions, tailored to your product and business needs. This means that you, the customer, have access to a complete production facility where all the relevant knowledge is already in place. You also get access to all the skills and capacity needed to take your idea from the drawing board to industrialised end product.

“At UFAB, we are there every step of the way, from idea to installation, and on to service and renovation. We have the ability to lift your idea theoretically thanks to our skilled assembly technicians and product developers, but we also have the capacity at the plant itself to lift up to 20 tonnes practically.”

– Axel Herz

In other words, UFAB is an all-round, broad-based production facility where customers can feel completely confident that UFAB knows what it takes to succeed. They have extensive knowledge in bearing assembly, cleanliness, fitting, tuning, testing, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical assembly such as gears and cams, electromechanical assembly such as motors connected to belts or controllers and linear units. Another advantage is their extensive sourcing capabilities which keep costs down for their customers.

In conclusion, it could be said that the experts at UFAB are the superheroes of precision engineering – experts who work tirelessly in the background.

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