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With over 45 years of experience, UFAB has developed into one of the country’s leading system suppliers and contract manufacturers of advanced components and complete machine systems. But what does that mean in concrete terms? It means that you, small or large, can take your scribbled-down napkin idea to the group of professional men and women housed in Uddevalla and get back a fully finished product. Before you know it, UFAB has taken your dream and made it a reality.

Always Improve

The benefits of having an industrialisation partner with the skills and capacity to initiate, implement and complete are many.

“By taking full responsibility, we help our customers all the way from the drawing board to final delivery. Each customer has a personal contact person who helps with everything our customers need help with.”

Says Axel Herz, Sales Director

That the employees enjoy working at UFAB is clear to see, both in the final products and in the working environment on the 8000m2 assembly area.

UFAB’s brand promise to always improve permeates the entire company and is the guiding principle for every employee. “It’s a clear vision that benefits both us and our customers,” Axel says.

The details make the whole

So letting UFAB take over the production of your idea is a wise investment. By consolidating several categories of components with one supplier, UFAB can reduce costs, giving you, the customer, the best possible price. UFAB’s tentacles extend around the world in the form of global sourcing with its own purchasing organisation, both in Sweden and in Asia. They also work with fast and secure deliveries directly from warehouse and work on a delivery method they call “just in time”. “This means that you don’t have to spare costly warehouse space for our units, but we deliver just when you need it,” Axel explains.

UFAB offers a gigantic range of more than 20,000 items made in-house. Since 1967, UFAB has been supplying advanced components and finished productions to leading brands – with remarkable delivery precision. Their list of satisfied customers is long and includes leading global brands.

Maybe you have a really good idea that UFAB can industrialise for you?

“Together with customers, we take their already great ideas and make them even better. We intertwine their vision with our expertise. It’s a great process to be a part of.”

– Says Axel
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